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ADT Security System in a Evansville home
June 07, 2021

What's The Superior Home Security System For Pet Owners In Evansville?

The finest home security system shouldn't just guard you, your loved ones, and your house. It ought to protect your pet. But you don't want a security system that triggers whenever your cat scurries around the kitchen for a midnight drink of water. And security devices that can sense the difference between a person and large dogs would also be nice. Fortunately, it's simple to obtain the best home security system for pet owners in Evansville.

What Pet Parents Want In A Home Security System

When shopping for home security systems, it's common to look for traits that appeal to the people in your house. wireless devices, 24-hour monitoring, and an easy-to-use mobile app are likely at the top of your list. And if you have a cat, dog, or another home-roaming pet, you will likely want these features.

  • Pet optimized motion sensors: The last thing you need is a security system incessantly pinging you with needless alerts when your cat zooms around in a protected area. With pet-immune motion detectors, you can allow the animals roam freely while remaining fully protected.

  • Inside cameras with two-way audio: Many pet owners with inside pets would adore the option to peek in on their furry family while on vacation. Indoor security cameras with two-way audio are beneficial for dogs or cats who suffer from separation anxiety, giving you the power to console them with your security app.

  • Pet-friendly outdoor cameras: Citing research from the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families, just around 10 million dogs and cats go missing or are abducted every year. Luckily, you can utilize an exterior camera with motion detection. In the chance your pet should escape the house when you're distracted, your outdoor cameras can give you a tip to your phone.

ADT Carbon and Smoke Detector

Installation Pointers For Your Evansville Home Security System For Pet Owners

When you get your Evansville home security system installed, be sure to have them look around the building with your cats and dogs in mind. If your cat just loves to knock stuff off end tables and window ledges, you can secure the indoor camera to the wall. If your dog is hard of sight, ask for a couple smart bulbs that can turn on at a set time, so they aren't left in the dark. And don't fail to install a motion detector by a pet door -- even if it's not the primary entryway.

Obtain Your Pet-Friendly Home Security System Via Secure24 Alarm Systems

To help design and set up your Evansville home security system for pet owners, reach out to the professionals at Secure24 Alarm Systems. We'll help design the ideal system for your whole family -- including your furry friends. Just call (812) 200-5693 or submit in the form below to get started.